Amazing west Sichuan - travel journal - day 2


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Day 2 - Yajiang - (145km)-Litang -(146km)- Daocheng -(78km)- Yading

In order to catch the sunrise, we had to get up very early though didn't have a good sleep last night due to the long drive and poor accommodation at Yajiang, 6:45a.m we were already on our way to Litang county.

We drove along Yalong river, ride thought Mt.Jianziwan (4659m) and Mt.Kazila (4718m), arrived in Litang at 11:30a.m, had some dumplings for lunch, everything in Litang is much more expensive than other places due to its high altitude and poor transportation, half kilo dumplings charged 35RMB!

View at Mt.Jianziwan

West Sichuan - Travel Journal - View at Mt.Jianziwan

In the afternoon, another 2 over 4000m mountains to drive through, first Mt.Tuzi followed by Mt.Haizi, the latter one is the famous glacier relic, after four hours drive we arrived Daocheng at 4:45, without a break we continued to Yading scenic spot for overnight and eventually arrived at 6:50p.m. Overnight at Yading local Tibetan home stay.

From Litang to Daocheng

West Sichuan - Travel Journal - From Litang to Daocheng

Monastery close to Yading Nature Reserve

West Sichuan - Travel Journal - Monastery close to Yading Nature Reserve

On the way to Daocheng

West Sichuan - Travel Journal - On the way to Daocheng

Road condition & scenery along the way:

  • Yajiang - Litang, mountain road, not very well, mountain view, good when at the top, mant snow mountains at distance.
  • Litang - Daocheng, better than the last ride, but still no good enough, start to now when at Mt.Haizi, snow covered view at the mountain, very beautiful, typical Autumn view at the bottom
  • Daocheng - Yading, mountain road, very good, Autumn view, yellow woods, very pretty

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