Best Tibet trekking - Tsurphu to Yangpachen trekking


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When our clients go trekking into Tibet, they feel the purest land that they have ever seen on earth. They say, "We can almost touch the sky!" A trek from Tsurphu to Yangpachen is just the perfect way.

A worthwhile experience in any adventure traveler's life, the Tsurphu to Yangpachen trekking. As one of the most popular trekking routes you travel along a Tibetan monastery trail. For about 60 km (37.28 miles) enjoy superb scenery with alpine canyons, forests and meadows. 

Tsurphu, which is the main temple of  Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism has been around for 800 years. It's said that the Tibetan Buddhism reincarnation system created by Kagyu and was also the pioneer of Tibetan Buddhist inheritance mysticism. Yangpachen, was known for the huge geothermal resources, that is why China's biggest geothermal test base set up in here. Furthermore, you can't refuse watch rare wild animals, taste local foods and hot springs bath during your trekking.

Visitors love trekking in Tibet due to it's the most pure land in the world and it is regarded as the closest heavenly place on earth. Com​pared to other routes, trekking from Tsurphu to Yangpachen is much easier and is almost 4,400 m (13,123 ft.) above sea level. It's favorable for walking and camping because most of the time it has clear weather. You may choose to visit Tsurphu as the first destination to start the trip and visit the Tsurphu before start you won't regret for missing its history. With the help of natural and large number of hot springs, you may enjoy the special but rare alpine showers when you arrive in Yangpachen. The Tsurphu- Yangpachen route is situated in North Tibet where it is the biggest grassland is called Zang Bei Cao Yuan (藏北草原), you may be excited seeing many different kinds of rare wild animals such as: Tibetan antelope (China endemic animal), wild yak(the special species in Tibet) and black-necked crane (the world's only crane that lives in the plateau). 

You'd better prepare tents, shoes, sleeping bags, medicines, foods, water and all necessary needs packed in a trekking bag.  The wild yak is a good porter in plateau to carry your bags and supplies for the trekking. If you bored in tents life, then live in Tibetans' home and try local foods such as: highland barley wine (made from main food highland  barley in Tibet and as favorite food for important occasion), buttered tea (endemic tea in Tibet) will suitable for you. 

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