Float through the Three Gorges on a Yangtze River cruises


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Hop on a luxury cruise ship and take a leisurely tour down the Yangtze river, with the chatter of monkeys urging you on as you go! Li Bai, one of the most renowned poets of the Tang dynasty, described the beauty of the mountain mists as they met the Yangtze along the Three Gorges region, and the splendor of the area is just as grand today as it was in Li Bai's day.

The three gorges that make up the so-called Three Gorges area along the Yangtze are the Qutang Gorge near Chongqing, also the site of the White Emperor City, the Wu Gorge in Hubei province, and finally, the Xiling Gorge.

Qutang Gorge is possibly the most picturesque of the three gorges, with looming peaks reaching as high as 1,000-1,500 meters (3,280-4,921 feet) over the surface of the river. As the waters roll past the numerous rock gates that tower over the Yangtze, the turbulent waters create quite an amazing scene. Autumn in Qutang Gorge is especially attractive, clothing the tree-covered hills in crimson hues.

Next, the Wu Gorge is known for its peculiar peaks, deep valleys, rising mists over the water, and forest-covered mountains. Some of the famous scenery includes: the Twelve Peaks, Goddess Peak, Wushan Hill, Dadong, and the Daning River. 

Due to the length and depth of the canyons in the Wu Gorge, the daily sunlight never fully disperses the mists within the canyon. Grotesque rock formations watch over a fog that never fully dissipates, creating one of the most notable stretches of the river cruise!

The last of the gorges, Xiling Gorge is filled with shoals and rapid currents, including a well-known section known simply as the Three Shoals of Xiling Gorge, and karst caves that dot the lenth of the gorge.

The Three Gorges section is famous not only for its stunning landscapes, but also for the long history and splendid culture, with myriad of footpaths, ancient temples, and villages adding local flavor to the splendor of the Three Gorges.

Book your China travel experience now - come tour Beijing and trek Tibet, but don't forget to allow yourself some time to enjoy the simple, relaxing beauty of China's Three Gorges region on a Yangtze River cruise!

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