Jiulong – best alpine scenery in Sichuan Province


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Although as an unknown tourist spot, Jiulong,

located in southwest of Kanding, has the best alpine scenery in Sichuan. Splendid mountains and charming lakes make Jiulong be a picturesque place. Unpretending local people and delicious cuisine add fun to your tour in western Sichuan. Whether you travel to Kangding or visit Tibet from Sichuan, you’d better call at Jiulong for a memorable tour.

The major top attractions of Jiulong are the three absorbing lakes: Wuxu Lake, Lieta Hu and Changhaizi. Wuxu Lake is an ideal spot, flanked to the south by a long range of grey peaks called the 12 Sisters and with an expanse of paddock leading down to the unspoiled water’s edge. The valley continues up to be lost in the snowy peaks on the opposite of the lake.

The reflection of flowers, trees and mountains in the lake is eye-catching. Lieta Hu is an alpine lake featuring stunning beauty at an elevation of 4,300 m. (about 14,107 ft.). Surrounded by snowy peaks, virgin forests, meadows, the Lieta Hu is pretty with shimmering water and multicolored reflections. Dominated by a couple of snow-capped peaks, Changhaizi is an alpine lake which is a bit unknown to travelers. However, with rocks tumbling down the hillside surround the lake, Changhaizi is an ideal destination reserved for backpackers and nature lovers.

Yeren Miao (wild man temple) and Jiulong town are another two top attractions. A small temple built in the cave, Yeren Miao is half way up a cliff. From the legend, the primitive statues and simple structures appeared overnight in the cave and no one knew who did it. From the big footprints and hand prints, local people thought that was done by the “Wild Man”. So people called it “Yeren Miao”. Situated in such a step cliff and surrounded by mountains, this temple attracts hundreds of pilgrims each year. You can enjoy the magic cave, the sweet fountain and the mysterious legend at here.

Jiulong town consists of a downhill main street (Tuanjie Dajie) flanked by two side streets, hemmed in by a valley. The local houses look rather grim, owing to the use of the sooty colored black limestone, with Chinese style sloping tile roofs rather than the Tibetan style flat roofs. But the people are still predominantly Tibetan. The street life is interesting with Tibetans and Yi in full dress rubbing shoulders with modern Chinese. With a lively market and a lot of interesting eating places, Jiulong is really only a jumping off point for the surrounding area.

The best time to Jiulong is in June, when all the azaleas and rhododendrons are in bloom on the mountainsides. June is also the month with the various wild animals in Jiulong, such as pheasants, aigrettes. Despite the natural beauty, the Dharma Dance Festival in June is a unique festival only celebrated in Kangding. As the inhabitants here are main Tibetan people and the area is located in Sichuan, the culture is a mix of Tibetan culture and Sichuan culture. So you can not only taste Tibetan cuisine, you can also enjoy the flavorful Sichuan cuisine.Take a trip to Jiulong when you travel to Kangding or to Tibet, enjoy the best alpine scenery in Sichuan with scrumptious food and poetic landscape.

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