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Have you ever read any books by Redmond O’Hanlon? I have read one of his most famous ones – "In Trouble Again," describing a treacherous journey between the Orinoco and the Amazon. The author describes his journey into deep, impassable Amazon rainforests in a hilarious way. What tingles my spine, though, are the horrific insects, spiders, and other scary creatures O'Hanlon runs into. O’Hanlon seems to take great pleasure in describing in detail the harm they are capable of causing humans. But piranhas scare me the to death - I don't want to get eaten alive by piranhas!

Fortunately, a trip to Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China, is relatively safe by comparison. The forests are full of fantastic animals and plants, but hardly any of them want to cause people harm, unlike most of the plants and animals in O'Hanlon's book. Compared with the Amazon, Jiuzhaigou is a Garden of Eden. Splendid waterfalls run down mountains, making thunderous noises. In the forest, you hear birds singing, leaves rustling and the creak of bamboo groves swaying gently in the wind.

Most people choose to visit Jiuzhaigou at at the end of spring or the beginning of autumn, when the weather is neither too hot nor cold. The most attractive time in Jiuzhaigou is late autumn. The tree leaves on the hills turn golden or hot red, and reflect in blue-green pools below, creating a fantastic dream world. In summary, Jiuzhaigou Park is every bit as beautiful as the Amazon  but much safer and much more relaxing.

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