Mutianyu Great Wall - the best part of the Great Wall to visit


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Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城 Mù Tiān Yǜ Cháng Chēng), it's the place you must see and it would be the most amazing experience trip. There are many choices on where visitors can go to see the Great wall in Beijing, such as: Badaling, Simatai and Mutianyu to name a few. The different sections of the Great wall is important part of your Beijing trip. You are highly recommends to visit Mutianyu for several reasons.

The first reason that it is less crowded than other popular sections of the Great wall like Badaling Great Wall. Luckily, you will feel more comfortable during your trip to Mutianyu Great Wall, it is crowded but not insane in peak time. You can take photos here without many people in the background. It provides more memorable time with your family and friends in this great wall tour. You have the convenient option of the cable car to overview the whole Mutianyu Great Wall sight.

Second reason that there are more natural spots here than other sections of the Great wall in Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall has the best forests coverage which is 90% more than other sections of the Great wall. Once you stand on the wall, then you can see how beautiful the landscape is in this section of the Great wall. The landscapes in Mutianyu is deeply on the inside of the mountain and the views will give you an unforgotten memory. You may be charmed with white snow in winter; red-leafed tress in autumn; patches of green scenery in spring and summer.

The last but not least reason is that Mutianyu provides travelers who want more extra challenge opportunities to climb the Great wall in Beijing. In Mutianyu section, it is much steeper to climb than other Great Wall in Beijing and it might take more time. But don't worry that there are handrails along the very steep parts. You can personally experience the sled called "Speed", which provides the breathtaking experience by taking swoop down from the high mountain.

Indeed, once you have climbed to the Mutianyu Great Wall, the scenery you been through will more meaningful. Once you visit the Mutianyu Great Wall then only you will realize China's magnificent  piece of ancient engineering. You are advised to wear loose clothes, comfortable shoes and enough water before you travel the Great Wall in Beijing.

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