The overhanging Great Wall of Gansu Province


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The so-called Overhanging Great Wall, one of the great sightseeing spots in Jiayuguan city of China's Gansu province, is located just miles away from spectacular Jiayuguan Pass. This remarkable section of the Great Wall was built in 1539, during the Ming dynasty, as an important defensive position of the empire's western edge.

Viewed from a distance, this section of the wall looks like a dragon hanging over the eastern slope of Mt. Heishan (Black Mountain), which is where the peculiar name comes from. The Overhanging Great Wall is constructed from layer upon layer of gravel and yellow earth, and its spectacular construction and imposing outlook have earned it the reputation of "the western Badaling Great Wall."


The location of the Overhanging Great Wall shows the ingenuity of the ancient Chinese people, because it is located subtly among the mountains, causing invaders to believe that they could enter China easily, without needed to break through the defenses of Jiayuguan Pass. However, the closer the invaders came, they would quickly realize their error and find yet another length of the Great Wall to keep them out of China's territory. An amazing defensive barrier!



Standing on the top of this section of the Great Wall, you can see a vast, boundless desert, extending beyong the horizon - a truly amazing view!

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