Popual Chengdu amusement parks - fun and thrills for families


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If you are feeling hot and bored when you have your Chengdu tour in summer, then you should visit the two amusement parks in Chengdu. It will help you to cool off the heat and have fun at the same time. Going to the amusement parks, you can have fun, excitement and cool yourself in the water on a hot summer's day. It can be one of the best entertainment activities in the summer. The two most outstanding Chengdu amusement parks you can go are: Guosetianxiang Water Park and The Happy Valley.

Guosetianxiang Water Park -- Where to have some fun in the summer? Sure, Guosetianxiang Water Park is your best choice. This water park covers an area of nearly 300 mu (about 0.2 sq.km.), located in Wenjiang, which is half an hours drive from Chengdu. It is a world first-class park and the biggest water theme park in Asia and it is also the first water theme park which has the most complete facilities in the south-west of China.With so many sophisticated playing rides, combining with the most beautiful water performances, you can enjoy the happiness and excitement with your filmily and friend. You can experience the Mediterranean style exotic amorous feelings of romance and passion at the same time.

Come here  when you visit Chengdu and experience the biggest fancy rides in south-west China -- Montage big vortex; The longest drifting river in Asia -- Lele waterway; Asia's largest waving pool -- Carnival Coast; the pioneering combined slideway -- Riverrun and all sorts of adventurous slides that will make you scream and cry. All the water entertainments will make you cool, release the summer heat and relax yourself!

The Happy Valley -- The Happy Valley Theme Park is the key project of the culture and tourism industry, it covers an area of 4,70,000 sq.m. (0.47 sq.km.) and attracts various tourists both from China and abroad with its"Fashionable, Dynamic, Happy and Fancy" experience and feeling. The park consists of "Sunshine Port", "Happy Time", "Carribean Whirlwind", "Bashu Fascination", "Flying Island", "Magic Castle" and "Fly Over Mediterranean", in total seven theme areas.  It is located in the city of Chengdu and very convenient for you to visit.

Chengdu Happy Valley's experience rides are adventurous and thrilling, It has the first Mega roller coaster in China, the longest double ascension hauler and the first top warehouse rotary flying island in China. Of course, in the hot summer, the Happy Valley's Water World is the best place to go, the large Water Entertainment is really exciting. 

Above two are the first-class Chengdu Amusement Parks, it's worth your experience and time when you visit Chengdu and blend yourself in lively local leisure sports.

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