Thukpa - the Tibetan noodles, you cannot miss it when touring Tibet!


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Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup. It is noodles cooked with various ingredients. This traditional Tibetan dish is also popular in Bhutan, Nepal, and other parts of India. There are several categories of Thukpa, such as Thenthuk, Gyathuk (noodle soup), and Drethug. It is traditionally known as Gyathuk and may contain noodles in different shapes.

There are several steps to preparing this delicious food at home. First, heat oil in a pan and saute ginger, garlic, and onions until slightly translucent. Second, add spices to bring out its natural aroma. After 5 minutes, add vegetables and stock to your bowl. Then lower the heat and simmer till the vegetables become tender. Now it's time to add noodles. When the noodles are soft, add low sodium soy sauce and pepper to taste. Finally, serve in a bowl. The above description is just one way to prepare vegetarian Thukpa. However, Thukpa can be made with or without meat. For meat Thukpa, add tender chicken, ground yak or shrimp. Whatever meats you choose, an assortment of vegetables can't be left out of a traditional bowl of Thukpa.

If you absolutely can't wait to taste authentic Tibetan Thukpa, consider taking a tour to Tibet where Thukpa restaurants are part of everyday Tibetan culture. In Tibet, you will find an assortment of weary travelers, pilgrims and tourists in restaurants eating after bowl after bowl of Thukpa after a hard day of trekking. Thukpa, even when made with meat, is one of the cheapest and fastest dining options for traditional Tibetans. Also, Thukpa is popular in other Himalayan countries, Sikkim, Ladakh and the Arunachal Pradesh states of India. Actually, there are as many ways to prepare Thukpa as there are cooks who make it. The most important thing to remember is Thukpa can be made with or without meat, and may include any assortment of vegetables, whatever best suits your taste.

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