Tiger Hill in Suzhou - a worthy sencery to travel


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Tiger Hill, is Suzhou's best attraction!

When you travel to Suzhou the scenery at this more than 2,500 year old attractions will impress any traveler who has tours China.

For any season you visit Tiger Hill, there are many beautiful spots you will find interesting; some include:

  • Leaning Tower- Yunyan Temple Pagoda
  • The Sword Pool
  • The magic water- Han Han Fount

The origin behind the name for Tiger Hill in Suzhou is "The Hill Emerging from Sea" or in Chinese 海涌山 (Hǎi Yǒng Shān). The legend goes that when the Wu king Helu died he was buried at Tiger Hill. On the 4th day a beautiful white tiger appeared, hence the name is "Tiger Hill" (虎丘 Hǔ Qiū).

The legend continues that King Helu 阖闾 (Hé Lǚ) was know throughout the land as a brutal king! After he died, 3,000 swords were buried under the Sword Pool.

Meanwhile, he murdered thousands of workers who had built his grave, so he could keep the location secret. Today there is Thousand People Rock to pay tribute to their ultimate sacrifice. 

Tiger Hill is surround by a temple, that you can ramble on the stone road.

The Yunyan Temple Pagoda which is 7 stories high, indeed imposing and leaning, which you have difficulty in taking a real leaning photo for its. 


Long time ago, a blind and kind- hearted monk called Han Han slept on the way to pick water, a god told him where he slept under huge water in Han Han's dream. After he woke up, through 49 days to dug out, a spring appearance from the earth, to his surprise, his blind has cure by the magic water.

After that, people named the spring as Han Han fount.

Tiger hill in Suzhou is the worthy scenery to travel for any season you want.

Tasting the Chinese tea with Autumn's cool weather in Tiger Hill is what the native usually do, along with the fallen leaves to sing a poem like a ancient poet does couldn't be better to understand the Chinese culture.

With cold winter, people like to drink hot tea and appreciate plum blossom, occasionally smell from beautiful flowers.

Spring also is the good time to come, with birds' melody and every plant goes on to blossom.

The weather is hot in Summer but long-year-old trees cover the sunshine carefully. 

Meanwhile, you may have time visit other Suzhou attractions, which are famous for landscape art like Humble Administrator's Garden (the biggest traditional landscape garden in Suzhou), Master of the Nets Garden, also there are many ancient towns full of south Yangtze river area feature, which are not far from Suzhou.


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