Train travel from Chengdu to Lhasa - a dream come true


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Traveling to Tibet is a desire deep within many people. Tibet's magnificent snow-covered scenery, nameless towering alpine peaks, vast grasslands on the Tibetan plateau, enchanting mountain lakes, numerous ancient temples and Tibetan villages, and the unique ethnic customs of Tibetan culture await you!

Tourists to Chengdu, China, the booming metropolitan capital of Sichuan province, may be surprised to find that the Sichuan-Tibet railway is now opened all the way to Lhasa, making travel to the heart of Tibet as close as a train ticket away!

Sit in the window of the train as it bounds toward Tibet and enjoy the scenery outside as you rise high into the mountains. Train travel in China is not only a great way to see China's beautiful landscapes, it is an economical way to see more of this vast country! Departing from the Chengdu Railway Station can be a great start to an amazing Tibet tour.

From Chengdu, the train moves through Xining in Qinghai province and then makes the steep climb up onto the Tibetan plateau as the temperature outside the train car drops. If it is your first time to Tibet, make sure to get off and pose for a picture in Ge’ermu, one of the stops along the way and a great photo opportunity.

The remainder of the journey passes through nature reserves and beside jagged mountain ranges, past beautiful runs of Tibetan antelopes and other plateau wildlife, and near the source of Asia's mighty Yangtze River.

After the 2 day trek, the train arrives in Lhasa, capital of Tibet and center of the Tibetan Buddhist world. From there, the options abound - trek south to Everest Base Camp, head west to holy Mt. Kailash, or stay longer in the city to experience the rich culture and hospitality of Tibet.

We hope your Tibet travels are an unforgettable experience!

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