Useful tips about weather and clothing for Jiuzhaigou Valley


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The famous Sichuan attraction - Jiuzhaigou Valley is one of the world natural heritage and renowned fairyland on earth. Its gorgeous water scenery attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. But sometimes tourists may suffer difficulty for the changeable climate and weather in Jiuzhaigou Valley, following are some tips about weather and clothing for your Jiuzhaigou Valley tour, that will surely be useful for you.

At an average altitude of 3,000 m. (about 9,843 ft.), Jiuzhaigou Valley is typically a humid plateau-climate, it is cool in summer and autumn, cold in winter and spring. Because it is located in Aba, it also has the typical valley's climate --- as higher you go up the valley valley, the temperature falls.

Spring: The temperature of Jiuzhaigou in spring is a little low and changes quite a bit, average temperature will between 5 ℃ ( 41℉) and 11℃ (52℉), there will be sunshine in the daytime, but the temperature during the night is low. If your Jiuzhaigou tour is planned in spring, try to take a thick coat with a T-shirt , when you feel hot at daytime you can take the coat off. In case of encountering the rain and the temperature decreases, you can even bring a thin sweater for standby. Besides, products like sun-block and moisturizers are necessary.

Summer: The average temperature in summer is between 17℃ ( 63℉) and 24℃ (75℉), temperature difference is large between day and night. It is hot and the ultraviolet ray is intense during the daytime, but rather cool at night. So we can just prepare a long-sleeved clothes and trousers. Because of the changeable plateau climate and summer is the rainy season of Jiuzhaigou Valley, especially in July and August, it is wise to take a rain gear when go out. Certainly sun-screen and moisturizer are a must take items with you.

Autumn: The average temperature in autumn is between 12℃ (54℉) and 16℃ (61℉) in Jiuzhaigou Valley, temperature difference is still big between daytime and night. Occasionally there will be sunshine at daytime and it always rains at night, it gets a little cold at that time. So long johns will be fine at daytime, while you should wear thick clothes at night. Don't forget the rain gear when go out, because August is still the rainy season in Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Winter: The average temperature in winter is between -1℃ (30℉) and 3℃ (37℉), it is very cold, the temperature difference is not big between day and night. Sometimes there will be sunshine and the ultraviolet ray is still intense, but at night it is much more colder. So if you visit Jiuzhaigou Valley in winter, you should wear thicker clothes, such as down jacket and cotton wadded jacket, together with thick sweater in it. Wear warm shoes, gloves and hats for cold-proof.

Above are the tips for your Jiuzhaigou Valley tour in all the year round, make good preparation for your Jiuzhaigou travel in Sichuan and enjoy yourself!

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