Group Size: 
Tour Itinerary: 
10 day join-in group in Tibet
Tour Highlights: 
Beijing train - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - E.B.C - Shigatse - Namtso Lake - Lhasa
Tour Dates: 
04/05/2010 to 04/14/2010
Other Comments From Client: 

Dear Kate,

Good day to you.

We just finished on our trip and we all are very satisfied with your overall arrangement...

We really very enjoy the moment tour tibet.. especially EBC , Namtso lake, and Yamdrop lake.. it really beautiful..

Just to share our abit experience...

Local Tibetan food... so much different from our food... but is a very memorable experience (sambal)..

High altitude... first day we all walk like a drunken ppl.. then follow by terrible...( nvr had before) headache..!!!

Stay in local tent at EBC.. extrema temperature.. make us think of our family members...haha...

Namtso lake... although is seem like much better then EBC tent but at night it is even worst then EBC... cos guest house are made from metal..no insulation.. terrible cold...

Local Tibetan family visit ... think of the living standard compare them with us.. we are really grown up in a very nice and well equip environment.. i don't think i can survive like their children!!!!

The worst part of our journey is only the washroom on Qinghai train and those so call public toilet along the way in tibet.. almost kill us...!!!!

Really thanks for all your effort guide us to the right itinerary.. just abit tired on the road traveling..

you had done a very good job..!!! thanks again..

i will strongly recommend you to which ever interested to travel to tibet...

Hopefully next trip will be able to meet you..

Thanks and keep in touch

Have a nice day.

Thank you.

Ivan Woon