2011 China Tibet Tour Feedback
Group Size: 
2 People
Tour Itinerary: 
Xi'an - Lhasa - Bayi - Pomi - Ranwu - Ganden - Yama Do - Chitul Gang - Herders' Camps - Samye - Tsedang - Gyantse - Shigatse - Lhatse - New Tinggri - EBC - Zhangmu - Kodari - Kathmandu
Tour Highlights: 
Have a overland tour across the grand Tibet to Kathmandu. Stop at the Mount Everest for camping.
Tour Dates: 
09/25/2011 to 10/14/2011
Other Comments From Client: 

Good. We suggest all hotels be pre-booked if promised per the itinerary. Better co-ordination between tour company and the guide. Better guidance on necessary trekking equipment and the conditions. Preferable for guide to be familiar with all places on the itinerary.