Private tour from Lhasa to kathmandu feedback1
 Private tour from Lhasa to kathmandu feedback 2
Group Size: 
2 People
Tour Itinerary: 
Airport transfer, had a 9 day private overland tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu.
Tour Highlights: 
Mount Everest, Hiking In Tibet and Arrival in Nepal.
Tour Dates: 
04/17/2012 to 04/25/2012
Other Comments From Client: 


Hey there Murphy, 
Good to hear from you! Yes, we have arrived safely in Kathmandu with no problems yesterday crossing the border. It was a little confusing changing persons from the actual border to the car ride itself (Tinzing --> 2 guys --> 2 other guys), but we managed just fine. 
Yes, we had a wonderful experience in Tibet...hard to believe it's already over! And WindhorseTour did a pretty good job as far as we are concerned. We filled out the survey, but also wanted to relay just a couple thoughts we had about what could have made the experience even better than it was. The things mentioned below just have to do with being even more clear in the itinerary about what to expect....
Hotels - I know Julia and I went back and forth with you on the budget piece and eventually opted for the "budget hotel" options. I'm not sure if I should have asked more questions or not, but the budget hotels were definitely "budget" at times. Several were good, several were not. I think 2-3 hotels either didn't have hot water, or didn't have hardly any water pressure at all to be able to take a shower. Now, it's obviously Tibet, so my expectations might be too high for a budget hotel. All I'm saying is, I would have appreciated knowing a worst-case scenario so that I didn't get my hopes up for a hot shower after 2 days of not having one. In other words, you just may want to let your future customers know what they might expect by choosing the "budget hotel" option (ie. no hot water at times, or no water at all (once), etc.)
Hikes - Hiking around Tibet was one of the things Julia was most excited about. There were a couple times where it seemed as though a "hike" was created out of a walk around the town. Again, some of them were mentioned correctly (Everest Base Camp hike, and the Shitgatze one)--these were great!  A few of the others seemed to be more of a stretch to say they would last 2-3 hours. Nevertheless the scenery was awesome at most places.
That's it though. Everything else (and we mean pretty much everything else) was good. Tinzing was a wonderful guide and very, very helpful. 
Hope business goes well and we will try to remember to let you know when the blog is updated :)
Evan & Julia