Fantastic trip to Lhasa - Drak Yerpa - Namtso Lake 10 days tour in August


Tibet Namtso Lake Tour Client's Feedback Form Summer 2014
Group Size: 
2 Persons
Tour Itinerary: 
By Train to Lhasa Visit City Sightseeing, then Drive to Namtso Lake - Drak Yerpa Caves
Tour Highlights: 
Visit the Namtso Lake
Tour Dates: 
08/20/2014 to 08/30/2014
Other Comments From Client: 

The guide did not know what time was sunrise at the lake and where best to watch it. This was the main purpose of trip to lake so it would have been helpful is guide knew this information. Other than this, the guide was very knowledgeable and very information.

We would recommend our guide to other tourists. His knowledge of Buddhism and Tibet was excellent!

The most memorable part about my WindhorseTour is . . .: 
the Namtso Lake.