Sichuan 6 day highlight tour in February


Sichuan Classic Tour 2015 Michelle
TripAdvisor Feedback for Highlight Sichuan Tour
Group Size: 
4 Persons
Tour Itinerary: 
Private car to visit the Xiling snow mountain - Bifengxia - Leshan - Zigong - Bamboo See, view the beautiful scenenry.
Tour Highlights: 
The Amazing Lantern Festival in Zigong.
Tour Dates: 
02/17/2015 to 02/22/2015
Other Comments From Client: 

Everything was wonderful.

There were some small costs I wasn't aware of at the Bamboo Sea Forest, where to go to the waterfalls you have to pay extra.

The most memorable part about my WindhorseTour is . . .: 
the amazing lantern festival in Zigong.