12 days classical China tour - 2016-3-9-P2-Luis


Luis China Classical Tour Feedback Guilin
Luis Classical China Tour Shanghai Feedback
Luis Happy Time at Xian Wild Goose Pagoda
Group Size: 
2 Persons
Tour Itinerary: 
This classical China tour will take you visit the most highlight city of Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin and Shanghai. You will see the long history in Beijing with rich culture relics. A short tour in Xi'an is also full of fun. Landscape in Guilin is different, you can see amazing beautiful mountain and river. Then finally you will feel mixture of modern and old time in Shanghai.
Tour Highlights: 
Li River Cuise, Mutianyu Great Wall.
Tour Dates: 
03/09/2016 to 03/20/2016
Other Comments From Client: 

Guest send e-mail after tour ends: The China tour is over for us ; just wanted to say thank you for your cooperation and help. Just a few comments to help your agency improve :

  1. The guides in Shanghai are nice but need to improve their English (impossible to maintain a conversation about history or culture for ex). Mark has a positive can do attitude I appreciated.
  2. It could be useful if you find a way to have the guides get tickets in advance; for example go to counters once a week and get tickets for all guests in that week (the tickets are already paid in the package) . Doesn't make sense to wait for guides while they are in line during long minutes.
  3. The car in Xi'an didn't smell well ; need to be careful with details.
  4. Lisa is the best guide we had ; correct English and also can communicate in Spanish. Knows about Chinese culture and history.
  5. Jackie in Beijing finally was not a good guide ; after the misunderstanding we had at the beginning with respect to the visit to U of Pekin , when we left Beijing he was not helpful. We got to airport early; we could have gotten an earlier flight (departures at 15;16 and ours 17) with his help but he didn't want to stay to help us get the boarding passes like all other guides did . Getting the boarding pass is an important moment when guide help can be important. Because of this I didn't give him a tip like I did with all the others. Anyway the tour was excellent;

We have friends coming with you end of April and others are asking for referrals and we will recommend your services. Thanks again Alice for your availability for us.

The most memorable part about my WindhorseTour is . . .: 
Tongli, Li river cruise and show, ride by bike the wall, hot spring.