Panda Volunteering Tours


Panda Volunteering Tours lets you experience a truly unique experience by getting up-close to the worlds most adorable animal.

There are a selection of volunteering programs for you to choose from. Please know that WindhorseTour was the first agency in Chengdu to organize such experiences for clients and ready to help you. At every volunteer program visitors will spend hours watching the playful cubs, and volunteers lend a helping hands to the pandas' keepers. Activities includes cleaning the pandas' garden, preparing food, feeding pandas, collect behavior data and more. Every small group will have their own panda keeper or expert to given instruction before volunteering. Panda volunteer programs can last from 1 day to over one month.

WindhorseTour Panda Volunteers
Happy Panda Playing
Chengdu Panda Volunteering Work
Have a panda volunteering experience to get up close to the pride of China. Help care for and interacting with giant pandas, see the pandas' daily life in Chengdu by working side by side with the staff to feed, wash and if lucky holding one.
From $146
Get up close and personal with China's national pandas by taking this four days tour at the Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base. Spend more time to have a futher contact and understanding of these adorable pandas by joining in this volunteering work.