Dongpo Tibetan Family Hostel




Dongpo Tibetan Family Hostel
Zhonglu Village
Danba-County, Sichuan
Distance to City Center: 
9 km. (5.6 mi.) away from city center
Hotel Overview: 

The Dongpo Tibetan Family Hostel is located in north east of Danba county, which is 9 km. (6 mi.) from Danba county. This Danba hostel is located near the famous mountain named Moerduoshen Mountain and the center of Kegeyi Valley which has Tibetan style’s old houses. Besides, this hostel in China covers an area of 2,100 sq. m. (22,604 sq.ft.) and it is 2,250 m. (7,381 ft.) above the sea level.

Danba Hostel - Unique Danba Tibetan Family Hostel - Guest Room

In fact, this Danba hostel is an old Tibetan style hostel, which contains old houses, old and new Tibetan style's vernacular dwelling. This used to be the main filming location of the TV soap named “Gyda living Buddhas". The Dongpo Tibetan Family Hostel aims to offer the best and warm service. Combing leisure, entertainment, singing and dancing programs, catering, accommodation, and local culture in one, this hostel in China really offers the guests a good place for both to have fun and to enjoy the nature. 

This Dongpo Tibetan Family Hostel is also convenient for traveling to Yading Nature Reserve, which is now attracting a host of visitors seeking “the last Shangri-la” in China. This Danba hotel is one of the best choices for you when you travel in Western Sichuan - Ganzi. If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the WindhorseTour travel advisors for more information.

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