Caiyuan Hotel




Caiyuan Hotel Zhangmu-Nepal-Border, Xizang (Tibet)
Hotel Overview: 

Caiyuan Hotel is a 3 star hotel located in Zhangmu, at the border of Tibet and Nepal. Zhangmu is a very small town located on a slight rise. There is only one winding street here, so hotels are very limited and conditions are basic at best, but Caiyuan Hotel is the newest and certainly the best hotel choice here. Rooms are clean and comfortable, and electricity and running water are stable, though hot water is not available at all times - only during a fixed time each day. Around the hotel and across the street, there are a number of local shops.

Room Amenities: 

Large beds

Zhangmu Caiyuan Hotel - Tibet travel

Bath and Shower


Electric Kettle and Cups




Limited hot water, set time each day

Hotel Amenities: 

The restaurant is on the first floor and the second floor is the reception center. The third and fourth floors house guest rooms. There are double bed rooms but only a limited number.

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