Farmer Adventure Hostel




Tigri Lhatse, Xizang (Tibet)
Hotel Overview: 

Lhatse Farmer Adventure Hostel is located in Lhatse county. It has been open since the year of 1999. the name is from two resons: firstly because the operater is a Tibetan farmer, secondly because the the hostel shows the local Tibetan Lhatse Hotel - Farmer Adventure Hostelculture and Tibetan people 's way of living.

All of the hostel is bult in Tibetan style. in the courtyard of Farmer Adventure Hostel ,horses and cows are eating grass, everything is so primitive,  you will feel home as soon as you get in the hostel. In some rooms ,there are equipments for making the yak butter tea, and equipments for making Tibetan blankets, you may learn how to do it ,beside, you can learn horse riding ,and milking.

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