Nyingchi Fujian Grand Hotel




Guangzhou on August 1st Avenue Road Zhaoqing Nyingchi, Xizang (Tibet)
Hotel Overview: 

Nyingchi Fujian Grand HotelNyingchi Fujian Grand Hotel is located in the town of Nyingchi Prefecture, on August 1 Zhaoqing Guangzhou Avenue Road, a total investment of 80 million yuan, the total area of 21,060 square meters, with the building area of about 7,800-ping meters Landscaping occupies about 4,600 square meters, the main operating area for building 18,350 square meters.

Room Amenities: 

Hotel Presidential Suite

one business executive suite six sets

luxury Single Question 3

luxury Standard 97

ordinary Standard 26

Hotel Amenities: 

Nyingchi Fujian Grand Hotel
The hotel is equipped with broadband, air-conditioning, communications, closed-circuit television and other facilities, especially for travelers and guests staying team meeting.


Meanwhile, the hotel also has the nerve decorative elegant grand ballroom and unique to the city named packets, can accommodate more than 600 diners. In addition, the distinctive restaurants, dominoes room, cafe, shopping malls, saunas, nightclubs, KTV and the engine driving the Chilean Auditorium lightly entertainment for the guests and travelers in the busy while providing ideal of the family. Another hotel with conference center, guest rooms, business centers, travel agents, ticketing centers, beauty salons, laundries Ironing service projects.

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