Shigatse Jiumu Yamei Hotel




No.3, the north of nian he road Shigatse, Xizang (Tibet)
Hotel Overview: 

Shigatse Jiumu Yamei Hotel - LobbyThe Shigatse Jiumuyamei International Hotel is located at No.3, Nian He North Road, Shigatse (it is the only hotel which is closely embracing the Pearl Lake). The hotel is encircled by beautiful scenery, centered between breathtaking mountains and river, bestowing the hotel an imposing view. Being situated in front of the legendary Tashilhungpo Monastery, where the great Master Panchen lives, and overlooking the serene Pearl Lake, bequeath the hotel an air of holiness and clarity, impelling the radiance of life. The Shigatse Jiumuyamei International Hotel ltd. had invested 300millions to construct the four-star hotel according to the standards of of China. The hotel was built with a charismatic blend of some European aspects, Chinese characteristics, as well asShigatse Jiumu Yamei Hotel - Roomsome late Tibetan culture element, which evidently display the dignity, comfort, and uniqueness of the hotel.

Presently, it isthe only four-star hotel with centralized air conditioning in Shigatse. It stands out as a true four-star hotel which bring about the newest management system and most advanced service concept of modern hotels.

Room information
The hotel initially has 96 rooms of various types. Every corners of the rooms, no matter from the floor space to the amenities in the room, or from the decoration of the bed to the bathroom, also illustrates a simple, delicate, comfortable and warm ambiance.

Hotel Amenities: 

The conference room of the hotel is where meetings or conferences will be held. It can simultaneously accommodate more than 80 individuals

Hotel Dining: 

The breakfast hall of the hotel is where the patrons may savor their meals. It can simultaneously accommodate more than one hundred individuals

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